Ian Pittaway : Lovers Beggars Soldiers Sailors

Lovers Beggars Soldiers Sailors
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“treasures of interpretation … a treat for the ears … moments of genuine tenderness … melodic, reflective and unforced. Ian’s instrumental virtuosity can’t be faulted, masterful on anything he turns his frets to.”
~ Clive Pownceby in English Dance & Song magazine, www.efdss.org

“exactly what I always hope I’m going to get ... we sometimes forget what a fine guitarist he is, partly because his gentle but solid vocals and purity of tone are what tend to stick in the memory … This is an ambitious undertaking, and it’s all worked excellently.”
~ Flos Headford in Shreds and Patches 

“When you're as talented an instrumentalist as Ian, you have to be careful not to let the accompaniment dominate the song. Ian gets it absolutely right … a mature talent well in command of the material. The album as a whole is one that will deservedly be popular and will increase the reputation of someone who is already highly regarded.”
~ Bob Taberner in Folk Monthly


Full track list, with sound samples:

01. Lord Franklin (traditional)
02. Pavana The Earle Of Salisbury (William Byrd)
03. Low Low Lands Of Holland (traditional)
04. One Day I Walk (Bruce Cockburn)
05. Two Brothers (Irving Gordon)
06. Brisk Young Butcher (traditional)
07. The Wilderness Road (Andy McLaughlin) / The Two William Davises (Turlough O’Carolan)
08. I Courted A Wee Girl (traditional)
09. I’d Rather Be A Beggar (traditional)
10. Dandelion (Ian Pittaway)
11. Our Captain Calls All Hands (traditional)
12. Barbara Ellen (traditional) / Arthur William (Ian Pittaway)
13. Coventry Carol (traditional)
14. Flash Company (traditional)