Guitar and Early Plucked Strings Tuition

Now available on Zoom or Skype.

“Ian is brilliant! His guitar lessons are always well planned and tailored exactly to your needs. He works through exactly what you'd like to learn and finds an exciting and engaging way for you to get there. As a trusty musician, Ian has shown me plenty of useful tricks that have enhanced my playing and my confidence. He is full of lots of interesting guitar and musical anecdotes that make the lessons fly by! His services are highly recommended!” ~ guitar tutee, Tracy G.

My approach to lessons is that your reason for wanting to play, the music you like, and your preferred style of playing, will be as individual as you are.

So my lessons are individual, to suit you. I do have a set of ‘standard lessons’, but I always find that tailoring lessons to suit your interests is both more productive and more enjoyable.

So before we have a first lesson, I will ascertain what your current ability is (you may or may not be a complete beginner), what you want to achieve, what style you want to be able to play. If you don’t know, we’ll try a few things out to find a direction or start with the ‘standard lessons’.

Then we’ll decide on some pieces you’d like to play and, as we’re learning them, I’ll sneak in some music theory while you’re not looking. My experience — and no doubt yours, too — is that you learn best when doing something you enjoy. So while music theory is a very useful building block, it is best learned in the context of a piece you want to play. Once you know a little theory, you’ll start to see patterns emerge, you’ll learn much more quickly, and you’ll be able to work things out for yourself.

PLEASE NOTE that if you are under the age of 18, I will assume your parents are partly or wholly funding your lessons. I therefore request that contact and arrangements for lessons with under 18s is with parents or guardians.


60 minute lesson: £30
30 minute lesson: £15